Why Does My Plumbing Whistle?

When water runs through your pipes, it can start to make sorts of noises that are strange. Although water flowing in a pipe itself isn’t bothersome, other plumbing sounds like bangs, whistling, and creaks can be uncomfortable to hear.

Potential Causes Of These Sounds


When water is being forced through a small opening that the original plumbing parts are designed for, you begin to hear the whistling sound. If the noise only happens when a specific faucet is turned on, the main water supply valve is most probably to blame. Still, if changing the water pressure at the main valve does not stop the sound, you might have to replace the water valve or, better still, call a licensed plumber to diagnose the problem and proffer high-quality repairs properly.


Cracks are usually caused by the contraction and expansion of water pipes. When hot water flows through a pipe, it heats, causing it to expand slightly. The moment the water stops flowing, the pipes cool down and contract. The contraction produces the creaking or cracking sound you hear. To fix this issue, insulate the pipes.


This is commonly referred to as the “water hammer.” When the water flow from the faucet is turned off, you will hear a loud banging sound. Water movement through the pipes generates energy, and when the flow is abruptly stopped, this energy provides a banging sound. To fix this, switch off the main water supply and drain the plumbing by turning on your home’s faucets. When you’re finished, turn on the water in your home, turning off the faucets as the water flows out. The newly trapped air would serve as a cushion. To eliminate the noise, a contractor may choose another route and combine a noise-softening device with the water pipes.

Screeching Noises

If you hear screeching noises when your water is turned on, this might indicate that the internal parts of your faucet are faulty. A very convenient way to repair this is to call a professional and licensed plumber to examine your faucets. They might eventually have to replace your bathroom or kitchen sink.

There are times during an inspection when the contractor notices other problems that would need to be addressed while the faucet is being replaced. The cause of the screeching sound may be a broken faucet, and other plumbing noises can be signs of a bad toilet fill valve.

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