Drain Preventative Maintenance

Drain Maintenance: A How-to Tutorial

The drain system is one of the most overlooked structures inside our houses. This system usually stays invisible until a problem surfaces. Although it looks to be simply a series of connected pipes, it is actually a complexly designed system that provides seals to prevent sewer gases from penetrating our homes. Other than that, it also helps in removing solid and liquid wastes. Because of this, it is imperative to perform regular drain maintenance. A badly-maintained drain can eventually lead to clogs and blockages, which is a huge hassle to sort out. By keeping your gutters clean and well-functioning, it will surely go a long way towards guaranteeing the health and performance of your home’s overall plumbing efficiency. In this post, we will provide you with practical advice and tips on essential drain maintenance that will maintain the smooth water flow in your kitchen, bathroom, and pipes inside your home. We will also include tutorials on what to do if your drains need a clean-out. Here we have gathered the necessary information that you need to know to keep your drains healthy, so have a look:

Know the Materials to Avoid Putting Down in the Drain

One of the most basic methods in drain maintenance is to remember that prevention is better than cure. True to this saying, it is preferably better to learn about what you should not put down in the drain to avoid blockage. This is very important. The materials that should never be put down in a drain are liquid fats, oils, or grease. As these materials cool down, they become solid, which then clings to the pipes’ insides, turning into a clog-inducing paste. Other than that, you should also avoid putting in certain materials such as eggshells because the edges of eggshells catch on other items, which later grow into larger clogs. Coffee grounds are also a no-no because they tend to stick in pipe walls. They then build into a paste when crammed into small areas, which causes further blockage. You should pay more attention to the everyday routines that might threaten the health of your drains. These activities include rinsing pans and plates, hair washing, and emptying coffee grounds down the plughole.

Invest in a Good Drain Guard

Using a drain guard on all your plug holes can dramatically lessen the amount of waste that is getting washed down in your sink. As we know, drain guards are small, plastic or metal grate-like disks that sit atop your plug that catch debris and smaller food scraps, which you can manually remove and throw into the garbage. This magical little device plays a significant role in your drain maintenance. Other than that, you can also install a drain guard for your shower to catch the loose hair and other scraps that can wash down the drains after taking a bath.

Clean Your Drains

Drain maintenance is actually something that you can do every day. So before you get started cleaning your drains, it’s best to prepare the necessary tools and materials you need during the drain maintenance. Some of these may include baking powder, white vinegar, soda crystals, cleaning chemicals, protective gloves, and goggles. An excellent way to clean your pipes is to pour hot water down a household drain. Then you can follow it up with some cool water to flush out the clogs that were melted away by the hot water. Alternatively, you can also use baking soda and vinegar. You can try to pour half a cup of baking soda down your drain, and then followed by half a cup of vinegar, plug the sink and let it sit overnight. You can then flush the gutters with hot water in the morning and see the results.

Yes, it is true that sometimes, drain maintenance can be a hassle, but it is a vital part of keeping the drains and public sewer systems clean and clear of any stubborn blockages. Knowing the proper ways of drain maintenance can surely save more time and money, which you can use for more essential matters.

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