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A Guide On How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems

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An average household can waste approximately 9,000 gallons of water yearly, and this is primarily caused by plumbing problems that are left uncorrected for a long time. 

Minor plumbing problems are not as “minor” as you would think. One issue may be interconnected with a lot more and can sometimes be challenging to detect then follows the skyrocketing water bills. You don’t want to let plumbing issues interfere with your daily life. Instead, you need to know what to do. 

Fixing the plumbing issues yourself can be an option. DIYing your plumbing problems is not prohibited, as long as you know what you are doing, assuming you have the right skills, experience, and tools. Otherwise, you could be turning your situation into a nightmare. If you are not a skilled craftsman, you can resort to the smartest decision you will ever make – call a plumber. 

Get to know these common plumbing problems and learn what you can do when faced with such challenges.  

Faucet leaks

Faucet leak is one of the most common plumbing problems that you can immediately notice. Every drop counts, they say. And true enough, a drop per second is equivalent to 2600 gallons per year—no wonder why your bill increases without you knowing why. It is best to get it fixed by giving it a proper analysis. 

  • Frayed O-ring.

Worn O-ring should not make you fret at all. It should be easily fixed by replacing it with a new one. This small piece of rubber ring helps hold the handle in place, but this gets worn out over time due to friction and constant movements. Frayed O-rings can cause a leak if not fixed immediately and appropriately. 

  • Old Cartridge 

Mineral deposits can accumulate in the aerator and clog it up. This causes you to lose water pressure and damages the seals and gaskets. To fix and avoid this problem from recurring in the future, replace them every couple of years. 

  • Bad Valve Seat/Washer

The valve is located between the faucet and the sprout, which keeps it in place. Once any of these attachments wear out or become loose, leaks will start. The reason is most probably mineral deposits that have accumulated, destroying the valve seat. 

Pipe Leaks

Every plumbing system consists of pipes, and more often than not, it constitutes the most plumbing problems. Nowadays, plumbers are using different pipe materials such as PEX, copper, etc. Several older infrastructures still have old pipes made of copper. While copper is stronger than PEX, it is not suitable for extreme temperature shifts. Unlike PEX pipes, copper is prone to corrosion and breaking. To prevent leaking and breaking of copper pipes, regular maintenance is key. If you want to know how to prepare your pipes for various seasons, it is best to consult a plumbing specialist. 

Toilet Issues

Sometimes, it is not easy to notice toilet leaks because it does not leave a visible mess ib the bathroom floor. However, there is a big chance that an internal leak in the tank is happening. You could be wasting a lot of water if this issue still goes unnoticed. 

Rubber flapper can go out of shape over time, which means it won’t seal the tank properly. Also, the chain that is connected to the flapper can be bent or twisted, preventing the flapper from functioning correctly. To fix this issue, you can go to your nearest hardware store and buy an entire flushing mechanism. It’s fortunately cheap, so it would only cost you around $20 or less. 

Worn Out Hose Bibb

If you live in a place that experiences extremely cold winters, a hose bibb usually doesn’t last a very long time, especially given the constant change of seasons. Over time, the hose bibb can crack and causes leaks everywhere, leaving you with skyrocketing bills without you realizing why. To fix and prevent this from recurring, make sure to replace it with a heavy-duty and frost-proof brand. 


Clogged pipes can be very frustrating because it affects many areas in a home – bathroom, toilets, kitchen, etc. If worse comes to worst, you may require the help of a plumbing professional. 

Clogged drains can disrupt your daily on a different level, and it would be tempting to use drain cleaners. But plumbing professionals actually don’t recommend pouring these substances down your drains. These products usually contain toxic chemicals that will damage your pipes in the long run. Aside from that, drain cleaners sometimes cannot solve the clogging at all – especially if the reason for the clogging is either hair, soap buildup, toothpaste, etc. Instead, place a drain catch to filter out the objects that should not be down your drain that may cause clogging.  

The Sump Pump

Sump pumps usually break due to heavy rains or snow. This can be avoided through regular maintenance and inspection. Ensure that it is properly installed or call a professional plumber to do the job correctly. 

Hot Water Shortage

It’s frustrating to find out that your water heating system is not working. A properly maintained water heating system should last for up to 10 years or more unless you’re not careful. 

Hot water shortage might be due to corrosion and rust, sedimentary buildup, or insufficient pressure. 

Do not delay repairs once you notice the symptoms of your water heater not functioning properly. You may start to notice a rusty smell during usage, or the heating process takes longer than usual. Especially when you see leaking, crackling, or popping, call a plumber immediately. 

Sewer Problems 

This is by far the worst thing that could happen to your plumbing system. Most of the time, when the sewer system gets damaged, it’s challenging to diagnose. Clogging in the sewer line may affect several of your drains, causing them to clog too. 

This is probably one of the least favorite plumbing problems to have to diagnose. Sewer systems can get backed up and create gag-inducing odors. When the sewer line gets clogged, it can cause all your drains to become clogged. In this case, you need the help of a licensed plumber.

Aside from the fact that things can actually worsen without proper skills and tools, plumbing repair is tough for an average person who does not have enough plumbing skills. This is why it is always wise to entrust your dilemmas to those who can handle them properly. 

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