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A Comprehensive Guide to Inspecting A Septic System

It’s very important to find a good inspector for your septic system. If not appropriately maintained or installed incorrectly, then your family’s health could be endangered. Moreover, by ensuring that your septic system is designed correctly, installed thoroughly, and maintained well, you can expect that your system will stick around longer. So, what you need to do is conduct regular septic tank inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that your water is not contaminated. By doing this, you can save more since you won’t have to spend on system replacements or expensive repairs.  

Additionally, if you ever want to sell or refinance your home, then having your septic system regularly maintained allows you to pay dividends. If your septic system is currently failing, then any repair and refinance cost will be charged to you. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your system correctly so that you won’t have to spend too much when trying to sell off your house. 

Therefore, you need a trustworthy and certified septic tank service to come and check your septic system. When the inspector checks the septic tank, make sure that your children or your pets are nowhere near the area for safety purposes. There are more pros than cons when having your septic tank checked. And since you had your systems regularly checked, then you can expect any damage to be immediately fixed and dealt with early on. 

How To Ensure A Comprehensive Septic Inspection 

In choosing a septic tank service such as Roto-Rooter, Greeneville, it’s important to ensure that they’ve done a comprehensive septic inspection. Don’t compensate that they’ve done their job well and ensure that they’ve thoroughly carried out their inspection. So, we’ll give you a list of things to ask and do when your inspector visits your home for a routine check-up. 

When arranging a schedule for your inspector to come, make sure that you’ve covered all the important details during the phone call. 

First, you need to tell them to locate and inspect each component for your septic service. Second, you need to be there while the inspector is doing his check-up and maintenance

When the inspector is in your home, here is a list of points that should be covered during the septic tank inspections. A good and reliable inspector will do the following tasks: 

  • Do a test run by letting the water run into the septic tank. 
  • Check each opening of your septic tank to make sure they aren’t clogged. 
  • Make sure the baffles are not showing any signs of backup or failure. 
  • Measure the depth of the sludge and scum layer. 
  • Open the distribution box and check that the drain field line can adequately receive the same effluent amount. 
  • Ensure that each drain field line is draining properly.
  • Check that there are no solids from the tank. 
  • Dig down to the drain lines and check if they are in relatively good conditions.  

Before you let your inspector leave your home, make sure that they’ve done the aforementioned tasks. After all, you’re paying them the right amount. It doesn’t hurt to make sure they’ve done an excellent job in inspecting your septic systems.    

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