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We deliver First-Rate Sewer Line Repair Services in Greeneville, Tennessee

If you are Looking for a skillful Plumber Contractor in Greeneville, TN, to serve your Misaligned Sewer Line, then Roto-Rooter Greeneville is here for you.

We are servicing all of Greeneville, Tennessee, with Sewer Line Replacement services. We can tackle any Plumbing job for our Greeneville customers. We have a team of Professional Sewer Lines in Greeneville, TN, that can provide quality Plumbing services in Greeneville, TN. Our approaches for Greeneville Commercial Sewer Line Camera Inspection and Replacement incorporate the very most relevant results in the Plumbing industry. Are you wanting to have a Functioning Sewer System by a local Sewer Line serving Greeneville TN? Contact Roto-Rooter Greeneville now to schedule an appointment for your Greeneville Commercial Sewer Line Camera Inspection and  Replacement needs in Greeneville, TN.

Don’t Let “Small” Plumbing stressful matters Turn Into Big Ones.

Are you feeling stressed because of the Misaligned Sewer Line? Roto-Rooter Greeneville Can provide Functioning Sewer System. Remember – even the most minor Damaged Sewer Line Could become a nightmare if left uncorrected. Don’t let this happen to you.

When homeowners in Greeneville Tennessee want a responsible Greeneville Sewer Line that they don’t have to think about, they call Roto-Rooter Greeneville.


Sewer Line Repair Offered by Roto-Rooter Greeneville, a local Greeneville Company

We’re the Greeneville Residential Sewer Line Camera Inspection and Replacement Greeneville homeowners choose first! 

Money does not grow on trees, and we understand that completely! 

SO you won’t just trust anybody with the job; you want to guarantee you are putting your home in Greeneville, TN, in the hands of a Sewer Line you can trust.

You won’t have to worry about additional expenses shortly because we don’t use low supplies and tools when we do our tasks.

We know a lot of Plumber Company’s in Greeneville Tennessee claims to provide the most appropriate, but we at Roto-Rooter Greeneville have the track record testifying for us. 

Our dedication to client admiration and attention to detail has earned us the reputation as Greeneville’s preferred Plumber Technician.

You can rest assured that there is absolutely no fine print; Here at Roto-Rooter Greeneville, we stand behind no-hassle guarantee and our premium products 100% on both labor and material.

How Roto-Rooter Greeneville Can Help…

Since 1935, locally-owned Greeneville Plumbing specialists, Roto-Rooter Greeneville, has provided the handiwork to help homeowners with Greeneville TN Residential Sewer Line Camera Inspection and Repair in Greeneville, TN. Roto-Rooter Greeneville has been serving Greeneville, TN, since 1935.

We strive hard to give only the greatest to our Greeneville Tennessee clients. We take pride in everything that we do and how we put great importance on the trust that our clients give to us. We respect and value your time, so we guarantee on-time arrivals to scheduled appointments.

It is the Roto-Rooter Greeneville difference that keeps our Greeneville neighbors Happy and Delighted—and it’s why we’ve grown to become the best Greeneville Plumbing service, provider.

We work hard to allow all of our Greeneville customers to get that same quality treatment job after job.

Sewer Line Replacement from Experienced Sewer Lines in Greeneville Tennessee

Getting your Greeneville TN Residential Sewer Line Camera Inspection and Repair done by a qualified and trustworthy Plumber Company from Roto-Rooter Greeneville is extremely helpful, so you will immediately know the problems on your Plumbing and discover what needs to be done—as soon as possible. 

We ensure all of our work is performed with the highest safety standards to help ensure no accidents take place on your work, while also protecting you from liability and property damage. Here at Roto-Rooter Greeneville, we enforce all safety requirements that are placed by regulating authorities. Safety affects everything we do.

At Roto-Rooter Greeneville, we stay up to date with the most cutting edge equipment/approaches to provide the top Plumbing service possible in Greeneville, TN. We don’t waste your time by being under-equipped or negligent in having the proper tool for the appropriate job. Certified Plumber Technicians in Greeneville, TN, always have the proper tools for all projects and help ensure quality expertise.

When you call Roto-Rooter Greeneville, you can be sure that you’re getting a local Greeneville Plumbing expert. Please don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your Plumbing services in Greeneville, TN.

You Can Count on Roto-Rooter Greeneville

We care about our clients’ safety and comfort, so we guarantee 100% satisfaction that’s backed up by our dependable Plumber Technicians in Greeneville, TN.

We deliver the highest level of Plumbing service in Greeneville, TN, quickly because of our superior equipment and resources. You will receive an honest price quote that is tailored for your unique situation and convenience. Your satisfaction with our Plumbing services in Greeneville Tennessee is our motivating factor. 

If you choose Roto-Rooter Greeneville for your Greeneville Plumbing services, we will strive for your complete admiration! 

From all of us at Roto-Rooter Greeneville, we are a local Greeneville Plumber Technician. We will treat you as good as we would family to give you peace of mind and quality assurance. We’re not perfect, but we sure try to be. We strive to please every Greeneville Plumbing client, which has led to our success.

Why use anything but the best, Roto-Rooter Greeneville is available during our business hours to assist you according to your needs. You will not find a better Greeneville TN Commercial Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Greeneville, Tennessee, than Roto-Rooter Greeneville. We treat our neighbors so well that we have been able to grow at a steady rate year after year. When you hire Roto-Rooter Greeneville, you can rest assured that we will deliver you with dependable and efficient Greeneville Plumbing services.

Call Our Team in Greeneville Tennessee to Schedule an Appointment!

At Roto-Rooter Greeneville, we are proud to be known for our high-quality work and dependable customer experience.

If there’s anything we can do to make your Greeneville home safer, more comfortable, or more convenient, get in touch with us.

Call Us Today!

See why Roto-Rooter Greeneville is a Top Rated Greeneville TN Commercial Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Greeneville, Tennessee!

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Why Choose Roto-Rooter?

Why choose Roto-Rooter over the competition? Simply said, no one can beat us at what we do. We have the best technology and the best equipment, but more importantly than that, we have the best people in the industry. We will never sacrifice honesty and integrity and our word for profit. We will strive every day to do the next right thing both by our words. And our actions. Using Roto-Rooter, your locally known plumber brings together our community and comfort, knowing who stands behind our work and products. -Helping us together grow our local economy, from jobs to supporting other local businesses and our surrounding community. – Product specialization and choices based on the needs of our customers, not the large sales plans! – Prompt and professional – Good reviews – Voted Peoples Choice for Best Septic Service 2020









What Our Customer Says

  • Steven Divirgilio AvatarSteven Divirgilio

    Promt, professional, knowledgeable...only number you'll need - 11/25/2019 

    Rob Robinson Jr. AvatarRob Robinson Jr.

    Mr Pedro Gonzales and associate came out and quickly diagnosed and cleared our line. He explained and showed us what and where the problems were. They were professional and courteous. He gave us an estimate to have the line from... read more - 3/01/2019 

    C Jane Nix AvatarC Jane Nix

    Professional polite service - 3/18/2019 

  • Patty G AvatarPatty G

    There's a reason these guys have been voted "best septic tank service" for the Greeneville Sun's People's Choice Awards in 2018 & 2019. They are beyond nice and professional. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family. - 3/25/2019 

    Heather Owens AvatarHeather Owens

    Very quick friendly service. They definitely recommend they definitely saved me in a mess. - 7/14/2021 

    Bill Gaut AvatarBill Gaut

    All knowledge staff, quick friendly service, issue they come back and make right. Will use again. - 12/25/2019 

  • James Miller AvatarJames Miller

    Have used Roto Rooter of Greeneville several times. Mike and his crew are quick to respond and get the job done. - 11/25/2019 

    Michelle Hankins AvatarMichelle Hankins

    Mike and his crew took care of us and got things fixed quick! I will always call him for help⭐️⭐️ - 1/25/2020 

    Shelia Parker AvatarShelia Parker

    Honest business and honest people - 3/01/2020 

  • Nathan Leasure AvatarNathan Leasure

    Great people! Incredible service. - 8/06/2020 

    Ginia Brown Johnston AvatarGinia Brown Johnston

    Always a reliable, professional and competent completion of jobs we hired him to do. - 10/31/2017 

    Henry Selby AvatarHenry Selby

    Fast response and amazing results. They had to figure out a "Rube Goldberg" sort of plumbing mess. Oh, and the price was right! - 10/05/2018 

  • Sharon Bolton AvatarSharon Bolton

    Just wanted to say Thank you to Toni and Will you did an awesome job. Hats off to you both, that's a job you couldn't pay me enough to do. - 10/29/2020 

    Dudley Spooner AvatarDudley Spooner

    Quick friendly and efficient Technicians, job well done - 7/23/2021 

    Harrell Cobb AvatarHarrell Cobb

    Will and his assistant promptly found the problem and after fixing it put everything back and cleaned up. Will was very pleasant n professional. Highly recommend - 1/25/2020 

  • Jeff Idell AvatarJeff Idell

    Mike Harrell and his crew are very professional and use state of the art equipment. - 11/04/2014 

    Karrie Maas Lietzke AvatarKarrie Maas Lietzke

    We were very pleased with the quick and efficient service we received this past week with Roto -Rooter ( 12/9) We called first thing in the morning and within the hour someone was contacting us and coming out to our... read more - 12/11/2019 

    Anita Ricker AvatarAnita Ricker

    Roto Rooter Greeneville came to our condo association on several occasions to complete work for one of our owners. In one case, a contractor was going to dig up the yard and once Roto Rooter arrived, we realized that... read more - 11/25/2019 

  • Karrie Lietzke AvatarKarrie Lietzke

    We would highly recommend Roto -Roofer and their team,to anyone here in Greeneville. They were prompt, professional and fair priced. We also would like to give a special,thanks to Danny Shaw for going out of his way to help... read more - 12/25/2019 

    Cassue Backus AvatarCassue Backus

    I called them after waiting all day for another company and they showed up an hour later. The guy was polite and quick with his work to get us back to normal life. - 8/29/2020 

    C Jane Nix AvatarC Jane Nix

    My basement bathroom was completely stopped up. I Called Roto Rooter Friday and they came out Friday afternoon. The two men that came out were professional and very polite. My drain pipe was filled with roots. They cleaned those out... read more - 3/25/2019 

  • Brett Keith AvatarBrett Keith

    Honest Team and friendly staff - 3/24/2020 

    Jane Nix AvatarJane Nix

    Professional polite service - 3/18/2019 

    Denise Collier AvatarDenise Collier

    Fabulous group of people! The technician came the same day and called before hand to let me know what time to expect him. Corey Chandler was so polite and took extra strides to clean the work area before... read more - 2/03/2017 

  • Kathleen Job AvatarKathleen Job

    Roto-rooter came this morning to clean the septic tank but ended up fixing a thoroughly clogged drain. The tank did not need cleaning. That's really good news! Thanks, Will, and friend. - 2/10/2020 

    Marchel Williams AvatarMarchel Williams

    I have used these guys on 2 separate occasions. Once for myself and today for my Mom. They were prompt, professional, very friendly, very reasonably priced. Excellent service! Definitely recommended. - 12/25/2019 

    Tabitha Musick Ebbert AvatarTabitha Musick Ebbert

    What a great group of people. We were blessed that they were able to come out and fix our septic tank lines today, they did an excellent job, and you couldn't ask for a nicer group of people. ... read more - 4/30/2015 

Plumbing FAQs

Turn all faucets/fixtures to off. Ensure no appliances are running and check the dial on the meter outside to verify it is moving. If it is, you have a water leak.

This can be caused by pipes not being properly supported.

Yes, Tree roots are a common problem of broken sewer lines. We call them root intrusions and can the piping can be repaired or replaced.

Nothing other than organic material and your toilet paper. DO NOT FLUSH Baby wipes, Feminine products, Cat litter or Fish gravel, Hair, Toys, ETC.

Turn the garbage disposal off by the outlet. Ensure there is nothing blocking the blades from spinning. If free of debris, plug the unit back in and press the reset button.


Better and stronger than over-the-counter products, Roto-Rooter offers a complete line of drain care products for residential and commercial applications. These preventive maintenance products are designed to help keep clogs from forming.  All our products are environmentally safe and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

{This Photo From Roto-Rooter A Drain Cleaning Service Company In Greeneville, TN. | Give Roto-Rooter A Call Today For The Most Awesome Drain Cleaning Services In Greeneville, Tennessee.}

Roto-Rooter® Heavy Duty Septic Tank & Leach Field Treatment​

This easy-to-use liquid is specifically formulated to aid in the rejuvenation of failed septic tank and cesspool drain fields. Roto-Rooter Heavy-Duty Septic Tank & Leach Field Treatment is an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and safe-to-use solution.​

{A Picture From Roto-Rooter A Drain Cleaning Service Company In Greeneville, TN. | Contact Roto-Rooter Today For The Most Awesome Drain Cleaning Services In Greeneville, Tennessee.}

Roto-Rooter® Pipe Shield®

Pipe Shield doesn't remove clogs—it actually prevents organic materials such as fats, grease, soaps, and detergents from building up in your drain and causing clogs. It's an easy and economical way to keep clogs from recurring. Just one gallon (128 oz.) provides 64 treatments when used as directed.

Meet The Owner

Michael Harrell

Local Owner & Operator

“My name is Michael Harrell, and I was born and raised in Greene County. I have lived in this beautiful five river’s community my entire life. It is our goal at Roto-Rooter to provide the utmost professional service at the best value at all times. At Roto-Rooter, we believe in the old fashion way of life. Where hard work, a man’s word, and doing the next right thing still mean something. I and all of my guys live in this community, attend church is this community, and have our children in our schools. We realize that we are all dependent on each other to make this world a better place both by our words and our actions.”

Roto-rooter of Greenville TN

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Ask us about our recurring services! Ever forget its time to do your preventative maintenance to your home for plumbing? Well, we have you covered! We offer at no extra cost to you, and we do the remembering while you enjoy life!


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